Hack Facebook: How popular is that search on the internet?


At least two million people searched for the term « how to hack facebook » in the last year, with Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp being the most attacked according to a recent study carried out in 2023 by an information security company.

There are different methods such as online tools, phishing, software brute force attacks, etc. when it comes to Pirater Facebook, the most popular social network in the world.

Aside from these ways, there are also e-books that are sold on stores like Amazon that explain how Meta platforms can be hacked, although many of these results are only preventative in nature and offer advice on how to protect yourself online.


Is it difficult to hack facebook?


With a certain level of knowledge in the matter, added to the vulnerability that some platforms, websites, and media present in the online world, it is not difficult for someone to get your passwords or enter directly into your computer, so you should enhance its security and be careful about the type of sites you browse.

Above all, you must attend to and pay due attention to your social profiles, since they are usually the ones that suffer the most from this type of intrusion, whether it is for data collection of all kinds, or identity theft, spying on private conversations, etc. For this reason, the main difficulty that an infiltrator may have is the own prevention measures of the users of the accounts.


Facebook, the most hacked social network


Of all, the users registered on the blue giant’s platform are the ones that have suffered this type of inconvenience the most. In part, because it is the social network with the largest number of registered users (as well as the most used) but also due to the little attention that Internet users pay to the security of their accounts, or their passwords.

It is useless for the platform itself to implement aids and improvements through which to enhance the security level of each and every Facebook account if users not only do not use them but do not even implement the security measures they have in their own hands to prevent account theft.


Top 5 countries with the most searches for the phrase “Hack Facebook”


The list of the countries with the highest number of queries for searches for the phrase “hack Facebook” is as follows, according to research carried out with the information security company:


  1. 1. Indian
  2. 2. Mexico
  3. 3. Brazil
  4. 4. Argentina
  5. 5. Philippines


This top 5 is surprising since none of these countries are considered global technological powers.


How do they hack Facebook accounts?


If you already know how to increase security on the social network yourself, we will teach you how these types of tools usually work to hack Facebook so that you can always avoid being a victim of them or falling into any trap online.

Most of the people who have access to this type of Facebook hacking software are also people who, in turn, only have the basic knowledge of hacking to operate such a program, and little else. It is really the software that performs practically the entire hacking process, and therefore the tips above to increase the security of your Facebook account.

Currently, it is very easy to access this type of program to steal and spy on Facebook accounts, since many do not even require downloading, allowing them to run online and displaying the security keys of several accounts in just a few minutes.

However, they are tools that are only effective for users with very low-security passwords.


Personalized services that offer to hack an account with previous payments before


The problem comes when these types of people are looking for easy money, and openly offer their advanced computer services to the public, allowing them to send money in exchange for hacking specific Facebook accounts, or teaching them how to do it, etc.

This can be a double-edged sword, since some of these services may have the passwords received, being able to access the account, thus solving any type of security and therefore without raising suspicions for the user, and may even spy on Facebook in real time while the user interacts.


Keyloggers, another widely used way to infiltrate accounts


The use of « keyloggers » is also very common when hacking Facebook, since infecting a computer can be even easier than removing the password of a social network in question, and from their access anywhere online.

The facilities increase even more, especially if you have some type of access to said PC (a public computer, a call shop, etc.) Or you maintain direct contact with the person in question (your partner, a friend, family member, co-worker) making it very difficult to suspect that person who is so close.